Inter-City Medical Rental Program available LIMITED TO CERTAIN Continental US and Canada areas. Please inquire at


Evolight Mini Stage 3 IPL
Retail: $29,999.00
$2,500.00 Down and $500.00 / Month (No stand)
$300.00 SHIPPING* and LIFETIME WARRANTY. $2,500.00 Down Payment equals to 5 months rent and will be applied to months 7 to 12. Down Payment lost if the contract is cancelled before the first 12 months.


Evolase WL Cavitation Ultrasound
Retail: $36,000.00
$2,000.00 Down and $400.00 / Month (No stand)
$250.00 SHIPPING* and LIFETIME WARRANTY. $2,000.00 Down Payment equals to 5 months rent and will be applied to months 7 to 12. Down Payment lost if the contract is cancelled before the first 12 months.


Evolase TT Q-Switched YAG Laser
Retail: $28,000.00
$2,500.00 Down and $500.00 / Month (No stand)
$275.00 SHIPPING* and LIFETIME WARRANTY. $2,500.00 Down Payment equals to 5 months rent and will be applied to months 7 to 12. Down Payment lost if the contract is cancelled before the first 12 months.

Credit Application Form: Email at or Fax at 514-342-4468
*FREE SHIPPING* within the continental US. Alaska, Hawai, Porto Rico please inquire. Canada add $150.00 for shipping. Not Available for all Provinces in Canada. Please inquire LIFETIME WARRANTY on Unit(s) as long as under monthly rent contract.

General conditions

Inter-City Medical / Medicam (also referred as Inter-City Medical)
*All Units will be under warranty as long as they are rented and paid on time.
Down payment, 1st month and Additional Shipping fees if any due at signing.
** The customer must insure any rented machine for the retail price.
Amounts do not include Shipping and handling fees if any, applicable sales tax(es) and duties.
Down payment will be considered as a deposit for the 5 last months of rent of the First year but may not be refunded in whole or in part if the contract is cancelled before the end of the 12th month of rent.

General Conditions

Customers paying their monthly rent by credit cards will be charged an extra 3%.

Customers will always be charged in USD and Inter-City Medical will not be held responsible for exchange rates or fees charged to the customer by their financial institution.

At 36 months, the customer will have the option to purchase its rented unit for 25% of the Original retail price along with 1 year warranty on parts.

After 36 Months, Purchase option can be financed through Inter-City Medical at 15% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) for a maximum of 24 months plus $500.00 of administration fees to activate the contract.

Unit remains the property of Inter-City Medical. This is a rental program.

Monthly Payment should be received max 5 business days following due date or $100.00 penalty will be applied + 2.5% of late and Administration fees. 2 consecutive late payments or 3 late payments the same year will see the contract cancelled and will not entitle the customer in whole or in part to any kind of refund, loss of revenue or damages and/or claims of any kind.

All and any Monthly payments are NOT refundable in whole or in part.

Once signed, the contract will be considered activated and in force and all paid amounts are not refundable. Contract is cancelable at any time during the term to avoid any further monthly charges. Should a customer willing to cancel a contract, it will have to be made in writing, 30 days prior to the next due Monthly payment.

Equipment(s) will have to be received before next monthly charge (no exception, no excuse).

**The customer must insure any rented machine for the retail price and proof of insurance coverage should be provided to the company within 14 business days after delivery of the unit. Customer is 100% responsible of the total retail cost of the machine.

Should a customer decide to return the unit to end the rent program, the down payment and passed paid monthly payments will not be refunded. Machine(s) will have to be returned in fully functional order with all parts and accessories including any and all consumables purchased by the customer since said customer used the original provided consumables and accessories with the initial purchase of the unit.

Misuse or abuse of an equipment will see the customer invoiced the full retail amount of such equipment. The Evolight Stage 3 (Mini) is a professional unit for rent.

Machine(s) and accessories should be returned in their original box(es) and packaging or customer will be charged for repairs and/or missing parts.

Machine should also be sent by transport chosen by Inter-City Medical at customer’s expenses.

Consumables and accessories must be purchased and can not be financed unless agreed. Depending on the unit, a handpiece MUST be replaced at least once a year or every 100,000 pulses depending on the unit to keep the warranty active and the unit in a 100% optimum working condition. Crystals must be replaced every 50,000 pulses maximum. Not abiding by these mandatory conditions will result in the client’s full responsibility for the repairs and any additional shipping and handling fees incurred. The company will only provide a Handpiece for the 1st year or 100,000 pulses. A cusatomer can finance a handpiece for an additional $100.00 per month but only 1 Handpiece will be allocated for that amount on a 12 months period.

Customers MUST provide Inter-City Medical with a Monthly meter reading on their unit(s) by telephone of fax.

All customers have to make sure to follow all electrical requirements: Dedicated 15 Amps power outlet and a surge protector (a power surge protector is NOT a power bar!). All shipping and handling fees from and to the customer’s location will be at the customer’s expense whether defective or not. No credit will be given on the monthly rent while the machine is at Inter-City Medical Facilities for any repair, under warranty or not. Monthly fees HAVE to be paid in full. If covered under warranty, Monthly fees may be adjusted if the repair time takes more than 15 business days and only one week (25%) of the monthly rental will be deducted from the Monthly rent amount. Nor Inter-City Medical, nor any of its sister and parent companies or affiliates will be held responsible for any loss of revenue or damages of any kind should a unit take more time to repair or should a breakdown occur at the customer’s location or at Inter-City Medical facilities. Should a customer refuse to pay any repair amount or shipping/handling fee, Inter-City Medical reserves the right to end the rent contract with no prior notification and said customer will not be entitled to any refund of any kind. (same applies for any customer doing a chargeback of any amount). NO chargeback will be tolerated as Inter-City Medical will issue a refund upon written agreement with the customer. Should a contract be terminated, the customer will still have to return all documents, machine(s), parts and accessories in his possession at his expense or will be invoice the full retail price of said items + all legal fees and damages claimed for not abiding to the policies. Should a customer decide to do a chargeback once the unit is sent back or after receiving the unit, Inter-City Medical reserves the right to terminate the contract, initiate a legal action against said customer and reserves it right to recover the unit(s), all parts and accessories, the retail price of the units, transport fees and all incurred legal fees and all applicable damages. Inter-City Medical's only objective is to have a flawless business relationship based on mutual trust.

Rental contract is NON-transferable unless authorized in writing by an officer of the company, original lessee remains fully personally responsible and liable for the device(s).

Machine(s) will be shipped between 14 and 21 business days after payment. Remember that these are Aesthetic and Medical devices manufactured by a certified North American Company/Manufacturer. Our units are FDA cleared. You can check on website by searching either the company name or any model.

Payment by certified checks, bank drafts, wire transfers. Payment through Credit card, a 3% surcharge will be applied to the amount. Payment by personal or business checks may take up to 30 days to clear.

The customer is responsible to inquire and check all unit certification before the purchase or rent of an equipment. Some countries require different certifications or documents. Once rented of purchased, Inter-City Medical will consider that the customer verified all the governmental requirements, approved the contract in its entirety (totality) and that he/she agreed to all the terms and conditions listed above and below as well as to the general conditions and warranty conditions listed in our website.

Special applies for more than one unit rented. Ask for conditions.

The client hereby acknowledges having read, understood and agreed to the terms of the warranty conditions, sales conditions, general conditions and website general conditions before entering into the contract and will at no time and under no circumstances pretend that they did not understand or agree to any part of described above and/or available conditions at the time of the agreement.

The customer also acknowledges that he/she fully understood all terms, conditions, contracts, user manuals, any provided documents and website(s) in the English language before entering into a binding contract.

This Agreement is governed by the laws of Florida, USA, without regard to conflict of law principles which might require the application of the laws of another jurisdiction.


Request product information along with details of our 0% financing program on equipment purchase.